Gay MenSorry the site has no pictures or couples mating. A great shame I know as it would be interesting to compare the different mating techniques of animals compared to humans!However there are some topics that site visitors may be interested in such as family planning, contraception and health issues relating to human mating. The external links which might be shown here will give help on these issues.

Interspecies Mating Video Clips

  Natural Mating horse clips. Horses breeding as they have done it for millions of years. There are 260+ more mating video clips on the sites DVD's.  To view the clips below right click on the links and select "Save Target As" to save the clips to your desktop.



Mating Elephant and Rhino






Bull Horse Mating

NB The bottom two clips use a flash codec if they do not play on your computer or you get only sound please download the K-lite Mega Pack which contains this codec and many more. See the K-Lite Codec section of my site accessed by clicking the "Playing Clips Help" option to the right. this pack is also helpful in playing many of the other difficult clips found on the web


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